Dating By Numerology

Dating By Number Software - Introducing a most ancient form of relationship numerology that emerged from Ancient Egypt, Sinai and Israel around 1300BC and seldom practiced in todays world. It is uniquely able to determine the lovers that will work for you. It is probably the most accurate system of relationship analysis available on the market today

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Lifetime Relationships Are Now A Possibility For Younger Couples. With Dating By Number, potential young couples have the amazing possibility of aiming for lifetime relationships. If you are looking to choose your first boy/ girlfriend and have the hope this could be that special relationship, look to achieve a score of 6 out of 9 or more with your prospective partner. This means you will be able to go beyond the forces of relationship change that have been statistically measured to occur around the age of 35 years*.


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How it works

Unsurpassed accuracy Simple to use with just 2 names needed One score out of 9 or detailed analyis Printed reports available Detailed analysis of the ebbs and flows of energy. The who gives who what section! ? the most sophisticated assessment on the intimacy/ communication/ creativity dynamics within relationships on the planet to day.


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